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Feel Good in Your Skin

Wow, this was the most amazing day! A "Body Positivity" shoot was a project that I always wanted to do, and with the help of some absolutely amazing women, we made it come to life! It would be nothing without this stunning dream team of mine, and these beautiful girls that were brave and incredible in front of the camera! 

Doing portraits and weddings, I often come across women that feel less than adequate in front of the camera. It breaks my heart when anyone sees a photo of themselves and gets immediately knocked down by their flaws. I think it's absolutely crazy, the standards that we hold ourselves up to, and I'd love to live in a world where flaws non-existent and we celebrate the diversity and differences that we see in each other.

The acceptance, and love that filled this room in the form of beautiful conversations and cheering each other on was like none I had ever experienced! I hope these images make you feel like your differences are beautiful, and not flawed!

Florals: Fauna and Fern  

Hair: Hair by Danille

Makeup: Mesmeyez'd Makeup 

Naked Skincare and Apothecary 

Quinn, AbbyBaileyBrooke, Mandi

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