Brooklyn in Spring

This trip was nothing short of a dream. After a 10-ish hour flight delay due to a snowstorm on the East Coast, we were more than excited to finally land in NYC, taking in the sights on our Uber drive from the airport, late and night, and finally crashing into our amazing little hostel in the heart of Williamsburg. We woke up every single morning after that so ready to explore, take in the city skyline, eat all of the amazing food and check out amazing local shops.

Highlights? FOOD. Our fav spots were Champs Diner and Screamer's Pizzeria. Getting my first tattoo by Tealeigh at the Welcome Home Studio. Walking the streets of Brooklyn and figuring out the subway. The Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. 

Here's our collection of photos taken on our phones, DSLR and film! 

Autumn Adventure

I have the great joy of having these lovely, talented girls in my life, and we decided to make the most of autumn, (which is REAL short in Manitoba) and visit the A Maze In Corn. We got a little lost, took a lot of photos, watched the sun set and make the most beautiful sky, drank some hot beverages, ate some fries, admired pumpkins and had the best of times. Check out Quinn, Michelle and Carrie to see more of their lovely faces!


Our Wedding

Words cannot even describe how special these photos are to us. What a day! It went by so so quickly, as I knew it would. I feel so blessed to have attended so many weddings prior to know that the things that would mean most in the end are the moments shared with the people we love. A huge thanks to all of the wonderful creatives below that made this day so pretty!

Photography: Ariana Tennyson Photography
Venue: Cielo's Garden
Flowers: Fauna & Fern
Hair: Hair by Danille
Make-up: Beauty by Bailey Dawn
Dress: Stella's
Bridesmaids Dresses: Hush
Suit: Eph Apparel

Our First Road Trip

Our honeymoon was every kind of magic we could have imagined and more. We had this planned out in our first year of dating. We knew our first trip together was going to be a road trip to the mountains and it felt so surreal being on this trip that we had been talking about for over 3 years. We left our little home in Winnipeg and drove all the way to Vancouver Island. We stopped in Kananaskis Country in Alberta, right in the middle of the mountains, and then made our way to our little ocean-front cabin on Van Island near Sooke. We spent a day in Victoria, whale watching, exploring and shopping. We then hiked down to Mystic Beach, and found the biggest of trees in Cathedral Grove. We stayed one day in Vancouver before driving back home. We drove, hiked, walked, ferried, boated, laughed, smiled, ate some amazing food and beamed with happiness the whole time. Perfection. Below is a video I compiled as well as some of my favourite moments in photos. 

Song: Promise by Ben Howard