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Our First Road Trip

Our honeymoon was every kind of magic we could have imagined and more. We had this planned out in our first year of dating. We knew our first trip together was going to be a road trip to the mountains and it felt so surreal being on this trip that we had been talking about for over 3 years. We left our little home in Winnipeg and drove all the way to Vancouver Island. We stopped in Kananaskis Country in Alberta, right in the middle of the mountains, and then made our way to our little ocean-front cabin on Van Island near Sooke. We spent a day in Victoria, whale watching, exploring and shopping. We then hiked down to Mystic Beach, and found the biggest of trees in Cathedral Grove. We stayed one day in Vancouver before driving back home. We drove, hiked, walked, ferried, boated, laughed, smiled, ate some amazing food and beamed with happiness the whole time. Perfection. Below is a video I compiled as well as some of my favourite moments in photos. 

Song: Promise by Ben Howard
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