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Brooklyn in Spring

This trip was nothing short of a dream. After a 10-ish hour flight delay due to a snowstorm on the East Coast, we were more than excited to finally land in NYC, taking in the sights on our Uber drive from the airport, late and night, and finally crashing into our amazing little hostel in the heart of Williamsburg. We woke up every single morning after that so ready to explore, take in the city skyline, eat all of the amazing food and check out amazing local shops.

Highlights? FOOD. Our fav spots were Champs Diner and Screamer's Pizzeria. Getting my first tattoo by Tealeigh at the Welcome Home Studio. Walking the streets of Brooklyn and figuring out the subway. The Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. 

Here's our collection of photos taken on our phones, DSLR and film!